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This Is Not the Way I Wanted You to Find Out

by Mt. Oriander

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    'This Is Not the Way I Wanted You to Find Out' is the debut of the long awaited solo project from Empire! Empire! front man, Keith Latinen. The title is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that the EP was written and recorded in a little over a month in preparation for the band's first tour and will come out before the LP that was written and recorded over the past few years.

    Latinen plays every note and sings every word. Somber vocals stretch over beautiful and sparse guitar work and introspective drums. If you liked his previous bands, or his current one, Parting- you're going to love this. For fans of Death Cab for Cute, Jimmy Eat World, and Mineral.

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"Already winter," you say to yourself again, turning the words over and over as though they were as worn out as an old good luck charm (sides smooth through passing from worried hand to worried hand) Your breath escapes your body You remark that it is your soul rejoining the atmosphere, and when it is all used up, only the body remains But there is no one there Suddenly, you feel so small "Maybe if I had called or kept in touch," you say again, this time out loud Startled, you don't even recognize the sound of your voice as your hands stumble to turn the key As if afraid of being forgotten, the engine of your tiny car roars to life Cold air blasts out of the vents You have one short drive to figure out how to explain your long absence
The view from a window in the car played like dozens and dozens of vignettes as we passed by I point and say, "Think of how little of the lives we see of each and every person walking by in those tiny moments when our paths cross Yet, each life has its own unique story" I gesture as we travel on, "Or how that tree has felt countless sunrises and sunsets- all of them the same and not the same" We drive by a strip mall as my thoughts race out, "Which means our lives are played alongside as dozens and dozens of other people's vignettes as they pass by" You smile and say, "If that's true, then we all live countless lives- an unending chain woven of tiny moments" "I like that," I say but we are already late so we keep on driving
I was in a mood, and you knew I was throwing glares like they were darts, or a challenge for you to push me further into it But you laughed and smiled instead, "Life is too short to tie yourself to this" I wanted to stay mad, but I wanted to stay with you more
I am breaking your heart I know, I know, I know! I swear I'll get better- or maybe it'll turn out that the mantra I fly like a banner was actually true, and was not just another excuse: "It's just something I have to get through" and I will get through it Anyway, it's not worth talking about- nothings changed, or can change yet I know I am breaking your heart, but I can't change that
You have been out of my life for longer now than when you were in it The anniversary quietly slipped by like the end of a low tide, when water returns to nestle in the coastline There were no processions, there were no speeches I did not utter your name I rarely think about you anymore When we last met, we were barely speaking Silence draped like a scarf around your neck- loose, aloof, trying too hard to seem carefree Your last words were never meant to be a parting gift, but they ripped right through my chest, "There are some things that cannot be repaired When it breaks, it is broken for good I know there is still love there, but it hurts too much to bear" I argued, I pled, I did not choose my words carefully I would have said anything to make you stay But you looked at the sidewalk instead and we sat with it I think now I never really knew you


released October 8, 2021


all rights reserved



Mt. Oriander Williamston, Michigan

Mt. Oriander is Keith Latinen! He used to play in Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) and he plays in Parting now.

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